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If you reinstalled your system and if it was preinstalled, you can run around some weird shit with Windows 10 product activation done by “clicking” the mouse. It iz not w000rking.

Do the o’l CLI style:

#slmgr /ipk $YOURKEY

#slmgr /skms

#slmgr /ato


Daaaaamn. Now that’s a good news. Hiren’s made a new bo0table carrier for new Windo0ze. /dev/me already d0wnloading.

But actually you may also want to lo0k @

I’m a huge fan of this game, so I needed to make it w0rk on Win10 x64 arch.
This is my instruction to you, feel free to use it:

1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package x86
2. Download patches SWEP1RCR.EXE && SWEP1RCR.ZIP from
3. Install Visual C++ Redist package
4. Create directory C:\Racer\
5. Mount game.iso as a virtual hdd and copy contents to C:\Racer\
6. Do NOT copy files ..\install\CD.IDX && ..\install\RACENABL.DAT – security files
7. Extract filez from Episode_I_Racer_MSI_v1.0.0.0 to C:\Racer\
8. Now you must burn an iso image of C:\Racer\ catalogue and mount it as a new one.
9. Viola, play.

First of all, you’ll don’t find this piece of sh1t in Add/Remove Programz in Control Panel so basically it must be manually deleted from teh Windows Registry. Type regedit in Search Box. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\ and search for string starting with 00005. All Offize products start with 0000X. Delete this and viola, now you can install your Office add-on/expl0it. REMEMBER! Plz backup your registry first before deleting this item.

As far as galaxy expands – everyone knows that Dell Data Protection does not like to work with Windows 10, so you cannot use biometric features like fingerprint or smartcard reader tho. But there’s a method for this:

1. Download Dell Data Protection Security Tools (newest):
2. Download Dell ControlVault Firmware package (newest):
3. Download Dell ControlVault Win10 Driver:
4. Install Dell Data Protection Security Tools (normal wizard installation)
5. Extract Dell ControlVault Firmware and DellControlVault Win10 Driver
6. Go to folder: C:\DELL\Drivers\P5T4G and start/install CVHCI64.msi
7. Go to folder: C:\DELL\Drivers\X4KKD\ControlVault_Setup_X4KKD_A00\firmware and start ushupgrade.exe (FIRMWARE UPDATE!)
8. If 7. gives you error or do nothing go to folder: C:\DELL\Drivers\X4KKD\ControlVault_Setup_X4KKD_A00\WinPE64 and start wpeushupgrade64.exe
9. Reboot the computer
10. Login with password and start DPD Console, from there: Enrollments, and set up your fingers by swiping them 4 times (please select at least two fingers or a dick – for better security purposes)
11. Reboot the computer and swipe on the login screen… voila.

For Domain Users:
1. Ask System Administrator to set up GPO features:
2. Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Biometrics: Allow domain users to log on using biometrics
3. Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Biometrics: Allow the use of biometrics
4. Computer Confguration\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy: Turn off Local Group Policy objects processing

There’s a quite old All-in-One device from HP, but it wasn’t working on Windows 10, so HP made an update to driver. That’s quite nice, because printer is very cheap, and yet they wanted to invest to create the driver. So, you can download from here and it works: here