TTurbaTomek Turba (z3) – Everything passionate. Ghost of his era. On the day – admin, on the night secret shadow agent and PhD candidate. I like to write about tech crunch and stuff, also I’m a lifehacker and psychological cracker. Greatest passions be like: cross-fit, jiu-jitsu, adrenaline, motorcycles, it-security. The living world as media said it is a global village, so there’s so much english language spread, that this tl0g is also english from 2015. Basically all inf0rmation about meh you can find with OS-INT to0lz so I’m relieving it to you by myself: tturba@gmail.com (f0ck GDPR, meh), goldenline, google, linkedin, facebook, twitter, youtube even and M$ gith0b (contrib only private, non public) Actual stuff on sale: olx.pl


ME = {FAMILY + security + lifehack + administration + networking + adrenaline[jiu-jitsu, cr0ss-fit, motorbikez]}

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