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If you’re pentesting only windo0ze environment, you can prepare a specific, dedicated payload framework only designed to f0ck windows systems. Let me introduce you, the CHAOS Framework, a windows metasploitable specific multitool, now in 2.0 version.

Sekurak Zine 4 JUŻ JEST!

Posted: 5 July 2017 in ITsec
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Już jest, najnowszy numer kultowego ZIN’e nawiązującego do korzeni hackingu i undergroundowych publikacji z czasów naszej młodości. Lektura OBOWIĄZKOWA!


Iz available here.

Damn, can you feel how this post is advertising?

  1. There is new pentest distro called “DracOS” – lightweight, built from scratch using LFS which is nice. There are no GUI tools, only CLI, which is double nice.
  2. There is a new version of good old MetaSploitable virtual instance which is a simulation machine to f0ck with. Very useful (pls remember that you cannot hack public servers legally, w00t!) How to install can be found here.
  3. In the topic of testing laboratories with new OS, new training bag you also need to know how to built this lab, so for a short period of time there’s a limited offer to download free good guide “The Network Security Test Lab Step-by-Step” by Michael Greeg. Bon apetit.


You know Kali and you’re Arch fan? Now, you can try this: BlackArch!


To use, a PERL interpreter is needed to be installed in Windows.
After installation there should be an ENV variable to be available through CLI, so now open CMD (Windows+R) as an Administrator(!), and type:
install local::lib
install App::cpanminus

Which installs the compilers, which now needs to be configured:
cpanm install -f Switch

Now, use it:

Sekurak zine #2!

Posted: 24 March 2016 in ITsec
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Available here.

Sekurak zine #1

Posted: 20 July 2015 in ITsec
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At last, “The Zine” is out, awesome texts, very good to read on midnight with a glass of green tea and honey.
Can be downloaded from webpage.
Sekurak Zine #1

Daaaaamn. I’ve waited long for a portal that I can last long to achieve goals of finishing co0l hack/crack tests aaaaand… it’s created! – is a hack portal, or I can say… and education portal where are different levels of difficulty. Everyone can find something on their knowledge level, but the best thing is that it is Polish, and it is from There wasn’t really go0d stuff after tdhack, but there it is!

*going for frites and coke and start getting points!

As a NSA certified guy, there’s a big need that I share the news from about Snowden archive… it is downloadable! Quick, seed until it is available <r0f>: