If you reinstalled your system and if it was preinstalled, you can run around some weird shit with Windows 10 product activation done by “clicking” the mouse. It iz not w000rking.

Do the o’l CLI style:

#slmgr /ipk $YOURKEY

#slmgr /skms kms8.msguides.com

#slmgr /ato


Damn, did you miss the go0d old times in Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 when there was only Triss to bang? Except 26 ladies in first and about 16 in second? That scene with Triss in old garden after fight with Letho is the best one ever probably. But… ok, you are a dogg, and in the third installment you said you love Triss, but then, wham! Yennefer hits you like a truck in Skellige and… you like it. You also tell her you love her (of course, you will say anything to bang both, duh). Ok, about 40 hours later after doing every exclamation mark in Skellige on the f0cking sea, before the ending battle after talking to Ciri and Philippa in Kameleon in Novigrad you… you… fucking fail it because you tought it would be a love triangle and you just stayed… alone… forever. You are hollow now, empty inside. You love Yennefer as you always did, you want to be with her, but you can’t. You’re a disgraceful pussy destroyer and a monster hunter. You don’t want to be like that. This game is like real life, you need to CHOOSE man.

#TeamYenn for me

Triss is young, calm and quite interested in you from the beginning. She knows that you are mind crippled, she wants to help you. You know she will always love you and life would be “normal” with her.

Yennefer is a strong, independent woman who argues a lot with you. You know her for a very long time, but she still is full of surprises. You know, she loves you more than anything. She even canceled “The Last Wish” to love you freely. The chemical attraction between you is the best feeling in the world. You know that time with her will not be calm and… normal, but what the hell, you are a witcher, God damn it.

What can you do? Load the old save and do it all over again. OK.


On PC master race version, you can just enable the Cirilla console to change the time in this dimension. (Di3 conz0le peasantz!)

You need to go to your game location, like this for Steam:

X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\config\base

From there, find the general.ini file and add:


And now the magic part begins:

First of all! You cannot have the triangle scene triggered!

Open the console by pressing the tilde button ‘`’ and write:


If you love Yennefer. For Triss just change the ‘remove’ with ‘add’ commands and viola.

But you know what? Keira, Shani, Courtesans – don’t count here if you know what I mean ;-) (sorry Lambert!), there is only one battle – Battle of Jealous Best Female Friends – Triss vs Yenn.

For now, you can have your true happy ending, because you have chosen between Them. Don’t be a pussy, always choose and… love forever.

And for the last thing, just… look at this… Geralt is a dawg:

Geralt the Dawg of Banggia

Daaaaamn. Now that’s a good news. Hiren’s made a new bo0table carrier for new Windo0ze. /dev/me already d0wnloading.


But actually you may also want to lo0k @ sergeistrelec.ru

If you’re pentesting only windo0ze environment, you can prepare a specific, dedicated payload framework only designed to f0ck windows systems. Let me introduce you, the CHAOS Framework, a windows metasploitable specific multitool, now in 2.0 version.

Weather for SysOpz

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curl http://wttr.in/~poland
curl http://wttr.in/~opole

Synchronizing wallet for the first time in blockchain technology can be a pain in the ass if it hasn’t got any Electrum version of wallet. Same problem is with SiaCoin, which can synchronize for daaaaayz. To evolve this, there’s a quick method.

1. Stop SiaClient (taskbar/kill -9)

2. Go to %APPDATA%\Sia-UI\sia\consensus\ and rename consensus.db to consensus.db.old

3. Download latest blockchain snap from here: https://consensus.siahub.info/consensus.db [8.3GB today @ 2018-01-10]

4. Move the file to the %APPDATA% (or Linux-like path)

5. Start SiaClient once again.

It will start doing *something* but it is not hanged. If you have an SSD drive (and you should!) it will take about 20minz. On HDD SATA-III drive it will take about 6 hourz.

This g00d workaround comes from rdit @ https://www.reddit.com/r/siacoin

I’m a huge fan of this game, so I needed to make it w0rk on Win10 x64 arch.
This is my instruction to you, feel free to use it:

1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package x86
2. Download patches SWEP1RCR.EXE && SWEP1RCR.ZIP from http://ftp.ftp.lucasarts.com/patches/pc/
3. Install Visual C++ Redist package
4. Create directory C:\Racer\
5. Mount game.iso as a virtual hdd and copy contents to C:\Racer\
6. Do NOT copy files ..\install\CD.IDX && ..\install\RACENABL.DAT – security files
7. Extract filez from Episode_I_Racer_MSI_v1.0.0.0 to C:\Racer\
8. Now you must burn an iso image of C:\Racer\ catalogue and mount it as a new one.
9. Viola, play.

Sekurak Zine 4 JUŻ JEST!

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Już jest, najnowszy numer kultowego ZIN’e nawiązującego do korzeni hackingu i undergroundowych publikacji z czasów naszej młodości. Lektura OBOWIĄZKOWA!



Let’s say that you have to manage 60 Windows Servers with separate credentials, IP addresses, etc. It is heavy to open them one-by-one or even by using RDP Manager.

There’s one simple app+script: use RDP Plus from donkz.nl (VirusTotal free).

And use this little code to a simple *.bat file:

C:\to0lz\rdp.exe /v:server1 /Domain:mydomain /U:user /P:pazw0rd
C:\to0lz\rdp.exe /v:server2 /Domain:mydomain /U:user /P:pazw0rd
C:\to0lz\rdp.exe /v:server3 /Domain:mydomain /U:user /P:pazw0rd
C:\to0lz\rdp.exe /v:server4 /Domain:mydomain /U:user /P:pazw0rd



IF you have seen this err0r, you’re somehow trully fucked-up. Probably a third party appliance or software made a lock on your stored in datastore *.vmdk files creating -delta ones. There are couple of methods how you could fix this… . Actually this is not a big or major err0r in vmWare environment, but can be a quite pain in the ass if you don’t have any DSR site enabled.

Let’s talk about diagnosis:


First of all you need to try to power on the vm. You will see one of these err0rz:

Failed to add disk scsi0:1. Failed to power on scsi0:1
Unable to open Swap File
Unable to access a file since it is locked
Unable to access a file  since it is locked
Unable to access Virtual machine configuration

In the /var/log/vmkernel log file, you see entries similar to:

WARNING: World: VM xxxx: xxx: Failed to open swap file : Lock was not free
WARNING: World: VM xxxx: xxx: Failed to initialize swap file 

The purpose of locking is to prevent changes of concurent vm files and FS. Sometimes locks cannot be released because of other handler still wants to do something with files. Even if machine is powered off. There are couple of methods how you can dislock it by yourself.


You need to locate which files, which machine in which realm is doing bad things. For this to do I suggest you to enable SSH on the ESXi/vCenter host.  Log in to a vCenter using the vSphere Client. Go to Inventory > Configuration > Security Profiles > Services > Properties > choose…

ESXi Shell
Direct Console UI

Good. Now c0nnect via Pussy through SSH and obtain full path to your VM and navigate to the f0lder, through dis c0mmands:

# vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms
# cd /vmfs/volumes/vm-datastore/vm-dir/

Check which filez have been locked (*-delta.vmdk created) but plz remember that it can be misguiding, because these files could be obsolete. Better method is to check /var/log/vmware.log for corresponding consolidation errors on which files.
From this part you need to use vmfstools to check the used *.vmdk files.

# vmkfstools -qv10 vm-disk-000009.vmdk
* Repeat this command for every disk file used by VM (You can check it in Edit Settings tab on Hard Disk n parameter) which is actually used as a snap.

This shows you the actual snapshot chain from your selected snapshot down to the flat disk. Now, you have a list of *.vmdk files and you need to use command below to find the actual owner or RO (Read-Only) owner of the file:

vmkfstools -D vm-disk-flat.vmdk
vmkfstools -D vm-disk-000001-delta.vmdk

If you see output like this, that it!

# vmkfstools -D test-000008-delta.vmdk
Lock [type 10c00001 offset 45842432 v 33232, hb offset 4116480
gen 2397, mode 2, owner 00000000-00000000-0000-000000000000 mtime 5436998]
RO Owner[0] HB offset 3293184 xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Addr <4, 80, 160>, gen 33179, links 1, type reg, flags 0, uid 0, gid 0, mode 100600
len 738242560, nb 353 tbz 0, cow 0, zla 3, bs 2097152

The RO Owner part is the MAC address of vNIC that had locked the file! If you cannot see the RO Owner, but you don’t see zeros in owner, it is also a MAC o vNIC. If you only see zeros, the problem is heavier. Now let’s see how we can repair this.


Before you start fixing things, you should consider whether there are not other locks or uses of vm files, so you can type this:

# egrep -i  /vmfs/volumes/*/*/*.vmx
# vmkvsitools lsof | grep 

Now, if you could see the RO Owner or owner MAC addr, you can use this command to find the corresponding physical address:

esxcfg-nics -l

Simple, shutdown/restart the vNIC and disk consolidation/power on machine probably can now be possible. If not… the only non-invasive method is to clone/migrate vm to other datastore/host. You also can preventively restart ESX Management by:

services.sh restart

For cloning you can use these commands (or use the GUI of vCenter :-)) :

# vmkload_mod multiextent
# vmkfstools -i /path/datastore1/source.vmdk /path/datastore2/new.vmdk -d thin -a scsilogic/buslogic
# vmkfstools -U source.vmdk
# vmkfstools -E new.vmdk nsource.vmdk
# vmkload_mod -u multiextent

When cloning/migrating is done. You can consolidate the disks and remove the old VM. Remember that cloning is faster than migration, but in both ways you need extra space.