First of all, you’ll don’t find this piece of sh1t in Add/Remove Programz in Control Panel so basically it must be manually deleted from teh Windows Registry. Type regedit in Search Box. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\ and search for string starting with 00005. All Offize products start with 0000X. Delete this and viola, now you can install your Office add-on/expl0it. REMEMBER! Plz backup your registry first before deleting this item.

Iz available here.

Dark Souls, one of the best and heaviest games of all time (IMHO). If you want to play this on PC it is a quite pain in the ass (camera action, sensitivity, target-locking etc). I present you my configuration for DSFix add-on which improves the game experience as it is on a console (PS3 e.g.). You can download the DSFix from nexusmods and also I advise you to use DSMFix also. It improves mouse control (if you don’t want to use mouse improvement just clear the line dinput8dllWrapper dsmfix.dll to none).


renderWidth 1920
renderHeight 1080
presentWidth 0
presentHeight 0
aaQuality 0
aaType FXAA
ssaoStrength 0
ssaoScale 3
ssaoType VSSAO
dofOverrideResolution 0
disableDofScaling 0
dofBlurAmount 0
unlockFPS 1
FPSlimit 60
FPSthreshold 28
filteringOverride 0
enableHudMod 1
enableMinimalHud 0
hudScaleFactor 1.0
hudTopLeftOpacity 0.8f
hudBottomLeftOpacity 0.75f
hudBottomRightOpacity 0.5f
borderlessFullscreen 0
disableCursor 1
captureCursor 0
enableBackups 1
backupInterval 1500
maxBackups 10
enableTextureDumping 0
enableTextureOverride 0
skipIntro 1
screenshotDir .
overrideLanguage en-GB
dinput8dllWrapper dsmfix.dll
d3dAdapterOverride -1
logLevel 0
forceWindowed 0
forceFullscreen 0
enableVsync 0
fullscreenHz 60


# [a]ttack, [h]eavy attack, [t]arget, [g]uard, [p]arry, [r]oll/dash, [u]nbound

Damn, can you feel how this post is advertising?

  1. There is new pentest distro called “DracOS” – lightweight, built from scratch using LFS which is nice. There are no GUI tools, only CLI, which is double nice.
  2. There is a new version of good old MetaSploitable virtual instance which is a simulation machine to f0ck with. Very useful (pls remember that you cannot hack public servers legally, w00t!) How to install can be found here.
  3. In the topic of testing laboratories with new OS, new training bag you also need to know how to built this lab, so for a short period of time there’s a limited offer to download free good guide “The Network Security Test Lab Step-by-Step” by Michael Greeg. Bon apetit.


If you cannot see one of the icons placed on the task bar after updating system to Windows 10 you should try one of these steps:
Method 1

select "Thumbnails" and clear it
shutdown /r

Method 2

del /a %localappdata%\IconCache.db

Method 3
Deselect Always show icons, never thumbnails

sc queryex type=service state=all
Find by specific name pattern:
| find /i "srvcname"
Also by PowerShell:
Get-Service | Where-Object {$_.displayName.StartsWith("NATION-")} | Select name

You know Kali and you’re Arch fan? Now, you can try this: BlackArch!


To use, a PERL interpreter is needed to be installed in Windows.
After installation there should be an ENV variable to be available through CLI, so now open CMD (Windows+R) as an Administrator(!), and type:
install local::lib
install App::cpanminus

Which installs the compilers, which now needs to be configured:
cpanm install -f Switch

Now, use it:

Sekurak zine #2!

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Available here.

UFC-Que Choisir publish a list of 185 cosmetics that has toxic ingredients for human body, especially the ones that involves hormonal state of organism. In almost one-third there was a filter which penetrates skin and behaves as a hormone…

This list should be known to everyone so here you are.

The worst thing is this list is that… it also has products for kids. That’s very sad. Companies should prioritize little humans not only as consumers who buys their stuff.