Witcher 3: How to change romance decisions in past?

Posted: 9 August 2019 in Games
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Damn, did you miss the go0d old times in Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 when there was only Triss to bang? Except 26 ladies in first and about 16 in second? That scene with Triss in old garden after fight with Letho is the best one ever probably. But… ok, you are a dogg, and in the third installment you said you love Triss, but then, wham! Yennefer hits you like a truck in Skellige and… you like it. You also tell her you love her (of course, you will say anything to bang both, duh). Ok, about 40 hours later after doing every exclamation mark in Skellige on the f0cking sea, before the ending battle after talking to Ciri and Philippa in Kameleon in Novigrad you… you… fucking fail it because you tought it would be a love triangle and you just stayed… alone… forever. You are hollow now, empty inside. You love Yennefer as you always did, you want to be with her, but you can’t. You’re a disgraceful pussy destroyer and a monster hunter. You don’t want to be like that. This game is like real life, you need to CHOOSE man.

#TeamYenn for me

Triss is young, calm and quite interested in you from the beginning. She knows that you are mind crippled, she wants to help you. You know she will always love you and life would be “normal” with her.

Yennefer is a strong, independent woman who argues a lot with you. You know her for a very long time, but she still is full of surprises. You know, she loves you more than anything. She even canceled “The Last Wish” to love you freely. The chemical attraction between you is the best feeling in the world. You know that time with her will not be calm and… normal, but what the hell, you are a witcher, God damn it.

What can you do? Load the old save and do it all over again. OK.


On PC master race version, you can just enable the Cirilla console to change the time in this dimension. (Di3 conz0le peasantz!)

You need to go to your game location, like this for Steam:

X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\config\base

From there, find the general.ini file and add:


And now the magic part begins:

First of all! You cannot have the triangle scene triggered!

Open the console by pressing the tilde button ‘`’ and write:


If you love Yennefer. For Triss just change the ‘remove’ with ‘add’ commands and viola.

But you know what? Keira, Shani, Courtesans – don’t count here if you know what I mean ;-) (sorry Lambert!), there is only one battle – Battle of Jealous Best Female Friends – Triss vs Yenn.

For now, you can have your true happy ending, because you have chosen between Them. Don’t be a pussy, always choose and… love forever.

And for the last thing, just… look at this… Geralt is a dawg:

Geralt the Dawg of Banggia

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