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Recently I’ve discovered that there’s something wrong with microSD card in my phone. Sometimes the photography wasn’t correctly saved to
Album and showed the broken icon. Couple of days ago my phone was asking me, can he move my pics to an SD card because it has limited amount of free space on internal memory. Well, I said yes, and then, suddenly my whole December pics were corrupted… shit.

I’ve tried so many apps on my phone and PC, so many web pages with malware/spyware attached. None of them worked, but there is a solution!
First of all do not clear the phone with any cleaning app like CCleaner, Advanced Mobile Care etc. The second thing is – do not format the SD card. The third step – install DiskDigger – this is the one only app, that trully recreate 90% of corrupted images from thumbnails that weren’t deleted (by cleaning apps). Of course, in other location – so you should install Total Commander to dig to them.

Where is the problem? With fcking SD card that is INVALID Chinesse piece of shit. I bought it from Allegro, cheap price, 32GB. It is very poor quality and the size is not true, so basically when the card is full for couple of gigabytes (you think it is 32GB) – so it transfer the files to nowhere. Don’t buy cheap SD cards.