Duplicate Name Exists on the Network when using DNS Alias

Posted: 23 March 2015 in Microsoft, Tutorials and guides
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Somehow you have an old Windows domain with a new one and you need to map network shares using Windows 2012 R2 preferences?
You will not be able to do this if there’s a need for multiple shares from the same server according to Microsoft Security Policy.
To bypass this you will need to do the following:

1. Create an alias of the server in the DNS server record.

p.some.domain.com CNAME fileserver.some.domain.com
q.some.domain.com CNAME fileserver.some.domain.com

2. But that’s not all, the Server recognizes it’s an alias (it is not listening to alias), and you still cannot connect shares.
3. You will need to change the registry value on the fileserver and reb0ot it:


Value: DisableStrictNameChecking
Radix: Decimal
Value: 1

4. Optionally there could be a situation where you need to set up the SPN for the Alias:

setspn -a host/alias fileserver
setspn -a host/alias.some.domain.com fileserver

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